Plush Lawn, Inc.

Our Vision

Gerri and I thank you for clicking on this tab and wanting to know more about what our passion here is at Plush Lawn Inc. I want to give you a little history about how the company came about. I was born a raised here in a little town called Waterloo Ne, just west of Omaha Ne. My great grandpa, grandpa, dad were self employed business men, working with their big strong hands in blacksmith shops, auto repair, oil business, fish bait making, decorative wrought iron, and now me who feels the biggest calling to help people to see Gods Love and Plan for their life. Such call I followed to serving in a pastoral, pulpit ministry in Redding CA for 5 years 83-88, but yet was brought back to Omaha to start a Lawn Irrigation Company with a unique mission from God that was first delivered to me via a total stranger and man of God who was speaking in the town of Columbus NE. His name was Dave Roberson and He was know for His outrageous joy, faith for miracles, even teeth being filled with gold fillings in His meetings. He always had an impact on me and His prayer life was a model to me as well. So anyway, this guy calls me out of a meeting full of people and said, YOU ARE CALLED TO PASTOR YOUR BUSINESS !! Like Mary when the angel said she was going to give birth to the Son of God, and not knowing how that was going to happen, she said, “I am your servant, Be it unto me as YOU have spoken” , I said, Ok Lord, bring it on !! And He did. He brought me a variety of people to work at Plush Lawn that were either very hungry for knowing God, running from God, or those who God know would love Him if they just could see what He was really like. Some of these folks were snared by drugs and alcohol, others in impossible relationships, and others just plain needing fathering and guidance. As far as I know, 2 of these employees have gone on to full time Pastoral ministry, one when into full time jail ministry, and many others were set free from addictions, and had relationships mended. Gerri and I also have a heart for those with special needs that many times ride with me in the truck and do simple tasks as holding pipe and running controllers. I find the Lord has quite a sense of humor and I see some very obvious similarities in my spiritual calling vs my business calling.

1.) Jesus said, Come to Me and I will give you living water inside of you that never will run out. Water was always a very strong metaphor in the bible for the Spirit of God flooding our dry hearts and lives with new life and hope. NOW I FIND MYSELF IN THE IRRIGATION BUSINESS BRINGING LIFE GIVING WATER TO DRY LAWNS..

2.) Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, He that follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light of life” . NOW I FIND MYSELF INSTALLING PATH LIGHTS TO HELP FOLKS SEE THEIR WAY HOME TO THEIR FRONT DOOR.. The Lord also said, “My Word is a Lamp unto me feet and a Light unto my Path” Hmmm

As our Christian owned and operated business has grown to cover many needs of most any lawn, Gerri and I are always aware of the deeper spiritual needs that we all experience in our lives. At the age of 12, Jesus was aware of the importance of being about his Heavenly Fathers business. As I have come to find out, we are our Fathers business! Consequently, I have a need to help seeking clients find His Great Love and Eternal Plan for them in this uncertain and temporal life. Storm clouds will form in this short and temporal life, and we had all better be getting back to our Fathers House.

As a Licensed Minister / Business Owner I realize that I may have contact folks that have needs and questions that may never come in contact with other sources of true Spiritual help. Feel free to speak to Joel (402-510-6954) my wife Gerri (402-880-5799) or Matt (402-510-7363) on the job site as we all realize that our most urgent work really is pointing our customers to the living waters and brilliant light of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and our real Dad, Father God Almighty. Or call the office and speak to Lori (402-573-6600) or leave a voice or e-mail with your prayer request or question. I have devoted a specific tab on our website at called “Fathers Business”that contains a most powerful video called FATHERS LOVE LETTER, to tackle a lot of these most challenging questions about life. This is a great clip, enjoy!


Joel Karas- President

Gerri Karas- Vice President

Plush Lawn Inc.