Dear Customers and Friends

This is Joel Edwin Karas along with my wife Gerri Marie. We own and operate Plush Lawn Irrigation here in the Metro Omaha Area. 2013 was a hard year as I lost my beloved Father, Ed Karas on June 27th at the age of 81, and you lost your Synergyn oil rep and to many of you, a beloved friend. Gerri, my wife, here in the office for you, also lost her dad a few months earlier. Our sweet Lord Jesus has been so faithful to us and Mom to comfort us and help us re-adjust with our losses. But as most of you know, our loss here, is Dads gain as he SO loved the Lord and wanted to be with him, and take as many of you all with him as he could. I’m sure many of you still have a paper or tape that dad handed you as he wanted you to consider preparing for eternity. I want to carry on Dads work in supplying you all with the best lubrication products on the planet, and the fellowship, love and prayers you all need in navigating through this life and into the next. We do not only see you as customers, but friends as Dad did, and welcome any calls or emails if you even need a listening ear, deep questions answered, or someone to pray for or with you in a time of need.

I know Dad would be very happy that I am offering myself to you as He did in his own way. I watched Him and saw the way He Loved people, and He died a RICH MAN in my eyes. Gerri and I want to “Be about my Fathers business” in more ways than one.

Moving on the to the oil business. As most of you know how totally sold dad was on the Synergyn products that he sold to you. Since dad was such a man of honesty and integrity and also being a mechanic all his life, along with all the testing He did with his products against the competition for 37 years, he always knew He had the best product, and so did I! I am amazed that this company did not choose to market it on a larger scale, but instead to have it pass by word of mouth by excited customers. Dad also had a hand in making existing products better when he discovered a weakness, as He did when he helped develop Preventalube Plus2 with a better anti gel point down to 35 below zero protection. This is why I am building up this business as I have used them for 23 years in my Lawn Irrigation Business, and know how they practically eliminate engine, transmission, and hydraulic system wear. We have a complete line of high performance products that we deliver or ship to you no matter if its for your personal car, pick-up, fleet of trucks, heavy farm equipment, or any type of racing application you may have. We have the best product, at a better price, to boost your fuel mileage, minimize costly repairs, and get you into the winners circle. Synergyn is used in Nascar, drag racing, drag boat racing, and will protect your personal and commercial vehicles with the same additives that stand up against the extreme pressure racing engines and tyrannies face.

I want to do a quick run down on each of our main products and what benefit you will gainby using them. We see no reason why you would not want to have nothing but Synergyn Lubrication Products in your garages and shops. We will deliver it to your door. From engine oil, fuel and oil additives, to simple gun grease and spray lubes, we have it.

Preventalube– Our gas additive will increase octane by 2-5 points to 120+ which means a 2%- 5 % percent increase in gas mileage! When used consistently it eliminates the formation of sulfuric acid and carbon in the combustion chamber (rings, valves, pistons, spark plugs) while cleaning injectors and removing gums an varnishes from carburetors and the entire fuel system. When you calculate the fuel savings, the product is FREE, while it gives your engine extended life and greater power. It also is the best engine flush available to deglaze engines with sticky rings that are not as snappy as they used to be. When the engine is hot, carefully drain out ½ the used oil and replace it with straight Preventalube. Run at a fast idle for at least one hour, or even drive easily for an equal amount of time. Drain the oil, change filter and fill with new Synergyn oil. We Have great testimonials on this for many irrigation motors, heavy equipment, trucks, cars, and even the Briggs and Stratton 5hp on a mini bike. Preventalube is a great fogger as well to winterize irrigation motors, or stored vehicles or equipment. Just pour Preventalube in the carb or air filter intake at a fast idle until it smokes profusely then slow idle and pour until engine stalls. Its pickled real good then for sure..

Preventalube Plus2 –(PP2) Our Cadillac diesel fuel additive gives all the same benefits as our Preventalube gas additive, but with greater results in fuel mileage in diesel engines. The cetane boost of 7 points that the Plus2 ( the double strength shot of fleet power plus) additive is considerable and will add up to at an honest 5%- 10% fuel mileage increase. So, on top of all the upper cylinder lubrication and carbon cleaning / Sulphuric acid neutralizing benefits, you will get a noticeable fuel savings that will affect your bottom line in a positive way. The Plus2 additive also is an anti-gel to well under -25 degrees below O ! I just sold a barrel of PP2 to a customer who dad sold a 5 gallon bucket to and He got an honest 3 mpg increase on the MPG readout in the newer diesel truck that proved out in actual miles per gallon on the road for the last year. This is one of our best sellers as it sells itself.

Fleet Power Plus – This is the Plus additive to Preventalube for diesels only. Preventalube Plus2 has a double shot of this powerful, concentrated fuel conditioner. This additive can be used apart from Preventalube for the mileage boost up to 5%- 10%, and cold protection down to a -30 degrees cloud point. and upper cylinder lubrication designed for today’s dry, low sulphur fuels. But it lacks the powerful acid and carbon cleaning that the Preventalube package adds to it.. Fleet Power Plus also prevents the formation of algae in storage tanks. It also can be used in burner fuel heaters to allow complete combustion and keep nozzles clean and reduce heating costs.

Synergyn Oil Treatment – This is the “Silver Bullet” additive that the entire companyderives its name. When this product is added to any gas of diesel engine oil, or any lubricant – tyrannies, differentials, gear boxes, hydraulic systems, hydrostats, and transfer cases, it makes it into a much more superior lubricant. The film strength and slickness is increased, reducing wear, oil temps are lowered, and longer drain intervals are normal. The only way to better protect your components would be to use our own line of Synergyn oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, and gear lubes, as all these already have the Synergyn additive blended in for the best synergy of all. If you need some proof on how good our product line really is, try this first product first and you will be impressed…

Super Heavy Duty 15/40 Performance Synthetic Motor Oil with 5% Synergyn added- This is our best selling oil for diesel engines period! The wonder of it is that it can also be used in older gas engines that do not require 5/30. Most everyone who used this has experienced lower oil consumption, longer change intervals, and better mileage. We have a trucker in Kansas who tore down an engine after 1 million miles and it had virtually NO wear on the cylinder walls, valve guides, bearings, and rings, not to mention the lack of any carbon build up. (He also used the our Fuel additive that eliminates carbon -PP2) Just feel it between you fingers after 5000 miles and see the color, and most of the time you know its not ready for a change. This oil is so special because it is blend of synthetic base oils, advanced additives, and the special proprietary ingredient, Synergyn blended in at 5%. Dyno tests confirm a 2-4% increase in horse power by just using this oil with it unparalleled friction loss.

Super Heavy Duty 5/30 Performance Synthetic Motor Oil with 5% Synergyn added – This is our best selling oil for all gasoline engines, but can be used in diesel engines as well in cold weather applications where thinner oil makes sense. Everything is true of this oil for gasoline applications that is mentioned above about the 15/40 oil, including the increased horse power or 2-4%. Its simply a cut about the rest.

Oil Stabilizer – This is our old superlube (sTp type) product that certainly has its place in our product line. This oil treatment will keep seals pliable, reduce leaks, increase film strength, and fight the break down of untreated lubricants. This can be used with all mineral based or synthetic lubricants to boost its ability to lubricate and slow down oil consumption in older, high mile engines.

Super Torque- This is our premier Hydraulic Fluid / Industrial transmission fluid for today’s heavy equipment needs that have the same fluid operating hydrostatic drives, hydraulic cylinders, wet brakes, and final drives. These systems generate much greater stress on the Hydraulic Fluid than ever before. For every 20 degree F increase in operating temp of a hydraulic fluid, its useful life in cut in half. Yes, it’s all about running as cool as possible to protect these costly components. Super torque has amazing heat dissipating system created by EP (extreme pressure)additives plus a shot of Synergyn that causes a 20-40 degree reduction of heat over national brands. This means longer lasting pumps, seals, and hoses. It also has a special red dye that lets you know when the fluid is needing to be changed..

Super Shift – This racing quality ATF is formulated from a special blend of premium mineral and synthetic base oil, along with an additive package that includes Synergyn for unbeatable performance. It runs cooler and last longer than leading national brands..

SynGear II Universal Gear Lubes– This our premier Gear Lube. It comes in SAE 80w-90 and SAE 85w-140. It is used the Nascar Sprint Cup cars, all the way to your pick up trucks rear end. It is so tough, yet it is so nimble that it literally climbs with it special cohesive additives that bond it to the metal gears for maximum protection in any rear end..

DY 100, 1000, & 5000 Heavy Duty Gun Grease- From personal vehicles to the most strenuous racing or commercial application, our Synergyn greases out perform national brands across the board. Our green DY100 pumps easy in very cold weather, while the DY1000 is white lithium based grease that exceeds all manufactures specs with a melting point of 525 degrees F. Our finest DY5000 grease has a Timken load rating of 80 and a drop point of over 500 degrees F, it may be the best of its kind on the market today..

Blast Away –Spray lubricant and Moly Chain lube is also in our warehouse…

Synergyn Racing Oils – Our LTS 00000, 0w-20, 3w-30, Sae 50, and SAE 70. Truly, the best of the best in lubrication. Our 0 weight oils provide the thinnest, slickest, and toughest lubricants on the planet. They allow for the least friction, greatest horsepower and protection where it really counts. Yes, these are expensive oils, but they will give your race care the edge and also work amazingly well in your new car for extended miles. Many of our customers, including myself, enjoy knowing that I have the best lubrication available under my hood as I drive down the road.

You’re Midwest Synergyn Performance Dealers

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