Irrigation has been our main line of work since 1991. We have prospered because we install a very good product with a very good design and with a lot of care at a fair price. As the metro area’s premier drip irrigation professionals as well as standard system experts, I would like to give you a few keys to our success. First, I believe in using plenty of heads to water all the areas without hitting the house or other areas that need to be avoided. Second, we install a matched precipitation system that waters the yard evenly. Third, we really believe in leaving the yard in very good shape. We use a state-of-the-art case maxi-sneaker vibra-plow with a freshly sharpened blade to slive in the pipe. Then our experienced crew will cut out the sod carefully and install the heads with minimal damage. This is a very strong source of referrals for us. Last we offer a good warranty and quick follow up on warranty service calls. We offer complete service work on all brands which includes system turn on with inspection and fall blow out for safe winterization.

The Plush Irrigation Division holds the coveted CIC (Certified Irrigation Contractor) certificate for successful testing on a national level and is one of the few Rain Bird Select Contractors in the Omaha area. Select Contractors are chosen by the local Rain Bird distributor for outstanding sales, training seminar attendance, and for showing a strong desire to serve their rapidly expanding client base in a professional manner. Plush Lawn Irrigation was awarded the “Water Conversation Award” in 1993 at the first company to promote water conserving “pressure regulated heads”, along with other water conserving upgrade options such as seal-a-matic and rain sensored systems. Plush Lawn is now leading the way with the new “Smart Controllers and weather stations” with the best water conserving and healthy turf results in mind. Plush Lawn Inc. was also awarded the Omaha Irrigation Contractor of the Year Award in 1997!! In 2004 we really took the lead in drip system installs with miles and miles installed to date. You see, we can stand apart from the rest of the field and deliver a great system, with great service, at a far price!